Q1: [All] I have a license issued by another Aviation Authority than the four mentioned, can I apply?

A: No. With regret, we can only consider candidates with licenses issued by FAA, EASA, CASA Australia and SACAA.

Q2: [Pilot] I do not meet the minimum flying hours specified, can I still apply?

A: For Line Pilots (LPs), the single-engine turbine aeroplane time can be waived for ex-military pilots who have completed a course of military flying training on single-engine turbine aeroplanes. In all other cases, we require pilots having at least the stated flying hours.

Q3: [Pilot] I am an ex-military helicopter pilot with most of my flying time on helicopters, can I still apply?

A: If you hold the stated aeroplane licenses/ratings, have the specified total flight time (aeroplane plus helicopter combined) and have completed a military flying training course on single-engine turbine aeroplanes, yes you may apply.

Q4: [Pilot] I am an ex-military Navigator/Weapons Systems Officer/Flight Engineer, will you consider my military hours?

A: No. We require the stated minimum hours and/or experience as pilot.

Q5: [Pilot] Is there an upper age limit for pilots?

A: Yes. Due to the local age limit of 65 for commercial pilots (even when flying in non-commercial operations such as Endeavour’s), the maximum age for candidates is 64 (in the case of class-rated pilots) or 63 (in the case of non-class rated pilots who require class rating training).

Q6: [All] Does Endeavour welcome applications from female candidates?

A: Yes. Endeavour is an equal opportunities employer. Endeavour has many women in a variety of roles throughout the company, and welcomes applications from female pilots and engineers.

Q7: [Pilot] Which aircraft will I fly?

A: As the backbone of our Flight Operations Department will be the Pilatus PC-12NG, this will be the aircraft most pilots spend all or most of their time flying. However, over time the company intends to add larger and smaller aircraft to the fleet, and will assign pilots to fly other types based upon its needs, and individual pilots’ qualifications, experience and aptitude. Whilst individuals will be able to express their preferences, the needs of the Company will be paramount.

Q8: [All] Where will I be based?

A: As our aircraft will be based at our mine sites, initially in Cote d’Ivoire and Burkina Faso, so will be our pilots and engineers. The initial locations will be the Ity mine in Cote d’Ivoire, and Houndé mine in Burkina Faso.

Q9: [All] Will the company assist me in obtaining a visa?

A: Yes. The Company will assist employees to obtain visas for all the necessary African countries, where needed. Additionally, it will assist South African nationals to obtain visas for the Schengen area as required for travel for training and other business purposes.


Q10: [All] By which company will I be employed?

A: Pilots and engineers will be employed by Endeavour Aviation, a wholly owned Endeavour Group company. Endeavour reserves the right to transfer employees to another Group or third party company with identical terms and conditions.

Q11: [All] What duration of contract are you offering?

A: Initial contracts will be for 2 years, with provisions for mutual early termination by notice, or summary termination by the Company in the case of employee gross misconduct. Contracts will be renewable for further periods based on mutual agreement.


Q12 [All] Will I have to pay tax?

A: Endeavour will pay employees into their nominated bank accounts net of local taxes, i.e. they will receive the full salary amounts stated.

Q13: [All] Will my flights home be paid for?

A: Yes. Employees’ flights from and to their agreed point of hire (which can be anywhere in the world) for each roster period, will be booked and paid by the Company.

Q14: [All] Will I be entitled to any benefits?

A: Employees will be entitled to health insurance and life insurance.

Q15: [All] What training will I receive? Will I have to pay?

A: All pilots will receive sufficient training to operate the Company’s aircraft safely and lawfully. Exact training required will depend on licenses/ratings held, and previous flying experience. In the case only of pilots holding licenses requiring Single-Engine Turbine (SET) class ratings (notably EASA licenses), but who do not have such ratings, pilots will receive their SET rating training at Pilatus in Switzerland. This will be at Endeavour’s expense, however pilots will be required to repay their training costs (deemed to be $24k) on a pro rata basis if they either leave voluntarily or are dismissed for gross misconduct inside their first two years of employment. LAEs will receive PC-12 training at Pilatus as required.

Q16: [Pilots] What will my flying duties comprise?

A: The Endeavour flying programme is highly varied and interesting, and comprises three elements. First, there will be regular timetabled flights between Abidjan, the airport of the capital of Côte d’Ivoire, and the mine sites, carrying personnel (mostly expats coming to and from their breaks) and high value/urgent cargo in varying proportions. These flights will take place mostly on weekdays. Second, there will be ad hoc flights connecting mine sites to each other, and to other regional cities, primarily for the transport of urgent cargo and VIP passengers (including the Executive team and Board). These flights can take place on any day of the week. Lastly, the Endeavour Flight Operations Department will provide an H24 medevac capability for the company. It must be capable of converting the aircraft to the medevac configuration (installing a quick change stretcher kit) and getting airborne within 60 minutes of receiving its tasking, to fly critically ill patients from the mine site to hospital. This capability will be maintained via periodic practice drills. Whilst we will generally attempt to give each pilot one rest day per week free of planned flying, this will not always be possible. When not flying, except on designated rest days pilots will work in the office.

Q17: [All] What is it like living on the mine site?

A: Former military personnel will immediately recognise the similarity between living on a mine site, and living on a military base. The mines offer attractive and spacious private accommodation, and quality meals are provided in a centralised mess, all at no charge to the employee. Laundry is performed daily. There are sports and recreation facilities, a small on site shop, and a bar (but see below regarding alcohol consumption). Fast internet is available in the domestic site and offices. All mines have well resourced clinics for routine and emergency medical treatment. There are employees of many nationalities, both local and expat, and the mines provide excellent opportunities to make new contacts from around the world. Many employees see their time on site as a great opportunity to save money (as one can literally spend nothing for an entire “swing”), and get fit!

Q18: [All] Will I be permitted to consume alcohol whilst at the mine?

A: Due to the requirement to provide H24 standby for medevac flights, the designated pilot will not be permitted to consume alcohol whilst on standby. Otherwise, like other employees pilots and engineers will be able to consume alcohol responsibly.

Q19: [All] Will I be secure in West Africa?

A: Yes. Endeavour has comprehensive security analysis and protection, and a detailed incident response plan. For obvious reasons, details are Company Confidential.